November 19-20, 2024 – Nashville, Tennessee •


Owner and Founder

Lyonetics Consulting

Topic: MEWP incident prevention through machine design

TJ Lyons is a recognized expert in prevention through design, he is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and Occupational Hygiene and Safety Technician (OHST), accredited by the BCSP, and a Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS), certified by IRMI. TJ spent most of his safety career with two of the largest construction firms in the US spending several years working on defense project overseas.  He recently retired from the construction industry and continues to push for a safer workplace.  TJ is proud to have founded the successful “Ladders Last” efforts here in the U.S. to rid the workplace of those archaic devices.   

A focused discussion on the philosophy of Prevention through Design (PtD) and examples of how firms are increasing efficiency and production while removing risk from the work. Prepare for blunt discussion on safety barriers in our industry and why just complying with OSHA is a recipe for failure.  

TJ will discuss how to reduce the need to work at heights while increasing the quality and speed of installations.  He will speak directly about the efficiency of MEWPs and the safety consequences those platforms can provide – lessons he has learned from the field.  TJ will share a copy of his list of best practices you can take back to your firm; while providing “Well that’s a cool idea!” moments during the presentation you will appreciate. What you learn in this presentation will save lives.  


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